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Review: Just Cause 4 - Explosive in the Wrong Ways

Just bores.

There's moments playing Just Cause 4 when you'll almost certainly find yourself grinning from ear to ear in much the same way that you might watching a ridiculous '80s action movie. It doesn't matter that the characters are personified clichés, or that the plot's limper than the lettuce in a Big Mac, because you just strapped four balloons to a car, then attached a rocket booster to the back of it and sent it flying into an enemy helicopter. The retina-scorching explosion that lit up the sky as a result needed only The Final Countdown playing in the background and it'd be about as glorious a moment as you're ever likely to experience in a video game.

Now, imagine an open-world action game absolutely packed with bombastic, jaw-dropping moments like this, and that's exactly what Just Cause 4 would be like if practically every mission in the game didn't seem like it was intentionally designed with the express purpose of not letting you have any fun at all. What a letdown. It's like they spent so much time perfecting the physics engine and crafting the various tools that you'll be able to use to cause consummate mayhem that they didn't leave themselves enough time to build a game around them. So what you're left with is a title that allows you to dole out all manner of destruction in fantastically creative ways, but one that also requires you to invent your own reasons for using them, because playing the game as God intended scarcely affords you the opportunity to do so.

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